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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PCCs and police service morale

I took part in a Guardian online debate last Friday. You can read all the posted discussions here and the summary of the event here. Both are well worth a read, if this subject interests you. Lots of very informative links too - posted by both panellists and contributors.

My summary (which I have posted on the Guardian website) is that PCCs will have a significant role in morale. Not only will they have the potential to make things very much worse..(!) there are also things they can be doing to improve matters as well:
  • Pay & conditions - PCCs will have influence here through national negotiating committees
  • Home office recording standards - a chance to shake a few trees perhaps - locally and nationally
  • Senior management - I think a really excellent PCC will be able to make a Chief Officer team wriggle but squirm with feedback from junior officers
  • Cuts - I think the bold PCCs will challenge and test this Government to the max on this matter and if needs be - use local precepting powers to make up for grant reductions from central government. It is a fine line to tread though
  • Debate - I think PCCs will be able to work with the Chief Constable on the boundary between what constitutes communication that breaks standards of impartiality (essential that impartiality is maintained) and that which seeks to improve policing for all (also essential)
  • Relationship with the CPS & Courts - though both are well outside the PCC's power (which is good and should remain so) - the PCC may well be able to play a role in highlighting gaps in the partnerships leading to slow justice, lack of victim centric practice and inefficiency within the police

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