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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Froth & candyfloss

Several posts below have highlighted the froth and candyfloss that appears to be hallmark of the manifesto promises of most of the Tory PCC candidates (with a few notable exceptions). So I thought I would spend sometime this afternoon trawling through all 41 Tory candidates and extract the words that relate to their manifesto promises. (This is not the same as what was done by Jon Collins of the Police Foundation the other day who I think took all their words.)

So the wordle below is a subset of the words used and I have sought to be reasonable with this, but this is my edit. Some of their promises are far from clear and/or embedded with lots of (to use a technical term) guff. I have also extracted the words police, policing, crime and criminal as I thought this would highlight the content of the promises made better.

Anyway, here is the wordle, which you can also find here:

And here are a few choice statements I have lifted. The Tory candidates in various places promise to:
  • Agree priorities and targets with the Chief Constable 
  • Appoint a new Chief Constable
  • Be prepared to use all means, including innovative solutions, to reduce crime and create efficiencies.
  • Break the cycle of re-offending through a better criminal justice system
  • Crack down on Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Demand joined-up thinking 
  • Getting a better deal for tax payers
  • Protect vulnerable people 
  • Reinforce good citizenship at an early stage
  • Etc
...all such warm and cuddly words...

Only one person mentions privatisation, and even then only in quotation marks...


  1. I did indeed just take all their words, but I'm from the Police Foundation not the Police Federation...