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Friday, October 26, 2012

Choose my PCC: and they're off!

The ChoosemyPCC site is now live and the six candidates have their details up for the voters of Thames Valley to browse. Here are all the links:

Patience Tayo Awe
Barry Cooper
Geoff Howard
John Orrell Howson
Anthony Stansfeld
Tim Starkey

You will want to read for yourselves and (no surprises) I am backing Tim of course. But do read all the others. I would comment:

Patience says "Without proper checks and balances our policing could leave a legacy of resentment and frustration. We experienced it last year, lost lives and properties." She appears to be saying that by not having PCCs during the riots this led to policing leaving a legacy of resentment except a) London already had a defacto PCC last year b) is she seriously suggesting that police officers left a legacy of resentment? Police officers, please note.

Barry says that his aim is to "provide a democratic voice for the law-abiding majority, giving them a say in how they are policed and what priorities the force adopts in pursuit of the goal of cutting crime and increasing the safety of our communities" but then does not say what his priorities are. What are people voting for Barry, apart from UKIP flimflam?

Geoff is a "former Captain of Slough Rugby Club and now a Vice-Chairman". He will be the "voice of the people" and "accountable to the public at all times". Expect a free phone 365/24/7 number soon...

John will be all things to all people. He favours "bobbies on the beat", listening to "young people" and ensuring "value for money". Although he does not say it, he is probably also in favour of kittens, toasted tea cakes and bracing walks in the fresh air.

Anthony says that if "you want more information about Anthony’s pledges please visit" I did. There isn't. Another statement that does not add up....

Tim says "no to privatisation of key police functions – outsourcing street patrols to firms like G4S is not the answer!" of which there is no mention by any of the others. Interesting...

But it is your vote.... please cast it wisely!


  1. You know full well that I am completely against privatisation Jon, and fully intend to let current agreements regarding custody suites expire without renewal once in office.

    As to what I want to do - what I want to do is to do what the people want me to do. Now that was an uncomplicated sentence to craft...

    Amusing as always with some good insights, which is why I read your blog. I don't expect you to be non-partisan, so it does not bother me that you are waving the flag for Tim.

    1. Did I know that? Not sure - but your piece on the main website that voters will go to does not say it. Glad to hear you are against privatisation but... #lostopportunity.

      You want to do what people want you to do? What anything? How will you reliably assess what people want you to do? Will there be real time App?

      Without giving something of a guide to your priorities, you are asking people to vote for what exactly? Essentially your bit says vote for Barry who is a nice bloke. I am sure you are - but electoral addresses usually give a bit more policy substance. There again, you are in UKIP, so I guess it is not surprising!!


      And glad you enjoy my blog, it keeps me out of trouble.