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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keep our NHS (and police) public!

The people of England and Wales never got a chance to vote for or against the radical shake-up of our NHS. It was not mentioned in either the Tory or LibDem manifestos. It was not even in the Coalition Agreement.

But on 27 March this year, the Health & Social Care Act became law.

I and thousands of others are campaigning against the provisions of this new structure, not least because it opens up all of the NHS to commercial competition. If too many privateers and weak willed apologists are elected to become PCCs on 15 November, we will see the same thing happen to our police services.

Do you want that?

So if you want to ensure that the Police remain public and free at the point of need, please make sure you vote Labour on 15/11/12. Likewise if you just want to register your vote against NHS privatisation, the 15 November is an ideal opportunity to this as well!

Please vote for a public police and health services! And join the campaign against privatisation in the NHS by going here, as well.

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