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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vote for your local police and crime commissioner

So, the much awaited national media campaign to raise public awareness about the PCC elections in November has begun. You can see it here and below.

What do you think? Will this this bring more people out in a wet & dark November evening?

I think it is a shockingly poor advert which will achieve little and may even reduce turnout.

  • It will distract people: people will wonder where these places and who the people are
  • It will raise anxiety and possibly even the fear of crime
  • It gives the impression that the PCCs will focus only on the crimes featured
  • It fails to explain why the policy is coming in, in the first place
  • It refers people to a website that is not yet fully operational
  • It contradicts itself in that it says the PCCs will not change operational policing yet features pictures of the stuff of operational policing

Need I go on?

And has anyone told the Government about hard drive TV recorders. Who watches TV adverts any more?

But tell me what you think...


  1. Jane Basham7/10/12 18:49

    All of the above &
    Why male only voice over...implicit is that men only need apply. I used to commission radio adverts...way's not rocket science to consider your audience and equality issues..why am I not surprised!

  2. I watched this advert and thankfully you have the same view as myself. Its truly awful.
    The shock tactic is simply not acceptable, they're were so many other ways of increasing turnout rather than a pathetic advert like this.