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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lincolnshire Policing, privatisation & US neocon funding

If anyone doubted that there is much at stake in the forthcoming PCC elections, let there be no doubt now...

The secret US lobbyists behind Police and Crime Commissioner election is a story which has just broken in Telegraph.

This story describes how a
"high-profile candidate campaigning to become one of the Government’s new elected Police and Crime Commissioners is being secretly backed by American neo-conservative lobbyists and companies pushing for police privatisation."
This of course is happening in Lincolnshire, the current home of police privatisation. It is a model that I would expect these funders will hope to spread far and wide across the rest of the police services in the UK

Regular readers will know that I am still in the middle of asking for a copy of the risk register for the work that Lincolnshire Police and G4S are doing together. The matter is still with the Information Commissioner for adjudication.

I am still waiting for the result of this next stage. (See link below) I should hear soon as 20 days must have elapsed by now...?

But to everyone who is concerned about creeping privatisation of the police service (and indeed creeping privatisation everywhere...) please, please make sure you use your vote wisely on 15 November!

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