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Saturday, October 27, 2012

More apolitical claptrap

Having fun with this - here is another analysis of a Tory set of manifesto 'promises' from the site of Julie Iles (Surrey PCC candidate for the Conservative Party):

Julie will bring a fresh approach as a Commissoner who is available to the people in Surrey so that they really can have their say in local policing priorities. (fresh approach - you mean better that the previous commissoner - sic)

Someone who will make communities safer by cutting crime. (seems that they have all been told to say this somewhere)

Her priorities are:

Making Surrey an even safer place to live - We have a relatively low crime rate here when compared to other areas. Let's keep it that way, any crime is too much crime. (noble aim, but not really anything new)

Getting a better deal for the tax payer - With business experience from a career outside of politics Julie has the skills to ensure delivery of an effective police force making best use of our resources and funding. (except that is not really her role - when will these PCC candidates understand it will not be their job to manage!)

Catching more criminals / improving detection rates - It cannot be right that with a low crime rate Surrey police are in the bottom two of all forces when measured on our rate of solving crime. (Um yes it can be as there is less crime to solve... maybe?) Julie will support our police force in improving the fight against crime so that we catch more criminals here (as opposed to the other PCC candidates who will not be supporting the police to do likewise)

Ensuring the justice system delivers for victims - Our police must be visible to the public, available when they are needed and provide an excellent service for the victims of crime. (Huh? This is just more stating the bloomin' obvious. Motherhood and apple pie statements)

Cracking down on anti social and alcohol fuelled behaviour - Fourteen percent of local people have personally experienced or witnessed drink related anti-social behaviour in the last twelve months. I will work with all local agencies to tackle antisocial behaviour and cut crime. (and the other candidates will not? Come on Julie, these are not priorities! This is your job description!)

I cannot claim to have reviewed all the Tory campaign priorities but I think I am detecting a trend here: Be bland and anodyne, say lots of worthy and warm sounding things that all the candidates would probably say, hope that people will vote for you because you are wearing a blue rosette and don't mention the 'O' word (outsourcing) or indeed anything controversial like cuts or council tax precepts.

This is frankly sham democracy. For all those people who did not want politics in policing, they only have to look at the Tory manifestos: no politics there! Except, I predict, they will not govern in this way. We all know they will be political if they get elected. How will they be political? They will ensure that cuts are implemented without any resistance. They will look forward to outsourcing increasing numbers of police functions. They will squeeze the third sector while pretending they support the 'Big Society'. But they are not telling you any of this.

This is a dishonest campaigning by the Tories. But then did we expect anything else?

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