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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Suffolk: the policy free zone

I am in the middle of doing some research into what Tory candidates have been putting on the government's 'choose my PCC' website. And I came across this one from their candidate for Suffolk. Please read this link and tell me:

a) do you now have any idea in what direction this man will take Suffolk policing or crime related areas if he is elected?
b) the link between hop production and local crime & disorder
c) the relevance of his hobbies which include "tutored tasting sessions of Real Ale and Single Malt Scotch Whisky and growing English scented roses" (remember there is a strict word limit on these statements)

That said, the idea of 'tutored' drinking sessions does sound rather good. Suffolk has some delicious beers and alcoholic beverages as the police of Ipswich well know... at 3am when the nightclubs close....

But how is all this an election statement? Really?!?!


And to be fair, the Northamptonshire Tory candidate is much more detailed - although he needs to make sure his spell checker is set to the UK not the USA in the future...

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