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Monday, October 22, 2012

Deciding how the budget will be spent

I just discovered a pile of junk mail below my letterbox, with big & small brochures on a furniture sale, subscription TV, cavity wall insulation, a clothing sale and a small unassuming pink leaflet entitled...

...Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. (It almost went in the recycling.)

But one bit caught my eye... it says that the PCC role includes:
- deciding how the budget will be spent
Hmm. That is very interesting as I am not sure it is a view shared by Chief Constables. How far might such a power go?

This single point in the leaflet gives the impression of the PCC as having an executive rather than a governance role. I am not even sure if this statement is compatible with the legislation (all comments welcome on this point)

Who wrote this leaflet? 

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