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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yvette Cooper impresses the Police Federation

The Police Federation of England & Wales gave a warm welcome to our Shadow Home Secretary today when she spoke to them at their conference in Bournemouth.

Her full speech can be found here:,2012-05-15

I won't reprint it all naturally but here are some choice quotes:
The public need to be confident decisions are being taken in the interests of public safety, the community or justice, not distorted by contract or profit. We don’t want private companies on the beat on our public streets, we want crown servants, public servants, police officers doing the job to keep us safe. 
Chaotic, fragmented, contradictory changes. Cuts and confusion putting at risk the very best of British policing. With no vision in its place. That’s not reform. It is destructive chaos. This Government is giving reform a bad name. 
Over 30,000 police officers gathered on the streets of London last Thursday. Constables, sergeants, inspectors, superintendents and chief constables. Police officers on their rest day, taking annual leave, slipping in before the night shift... Officers from across the country who know that their forces are facing a cliff edge, worried that the service to the public is falling, and afraid that crime and public safety are being put at risk. Because the Government is cutting too far and too fast. Hitting jobs and the economy. But also putting public safety at risk.
I believe we can work together again – the police and communities, forces, councils, voluntary sector, businesses and government all pulling in the same direction to do more not less to keep people safe. But it needs the Government, the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary to change course before it is too late.

It was received very well by officers tweeting from the conference floor, for example

>> Makes mental note: must get Yvette down to a public meeting in Thames Valley when the public campaign begins! <<

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