This blog is mainly about the governance and future of policing and crime services. (Police & Crime Commissioners feature quite a lot.) But there are also posts about the wider justice system. And because I am town councillor and political activist, local & national issues are covered a little, as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Manifesto: version 1 (to be discussed)

There is an idea embedded in my list of ideas to be discussed and developed below: I am reluctant to say what my 'pledges' or 'promises' will be were I to be selected as the Labour candidate. My caution arises from my deep belief that we in the Labour Party should be creating our manifesto after much more listening to the people of Thames Valley and a good few debates amongst ourselves - locally and nationally.

However, I recognise that many people want to know where I stand on a range of issues before casting their selection vote and, in particular, what thoughts about priorities I bring with me. I hope that much of this blog, with links to the many other articles I have written, show where I stand on a wide range of topics. (But do email me if you want to know more as several people already have.)

In terms of priorities: here are six in the shape of S.A.F.E.T.Y. (to match my nutshell P.O.L.I.C.E. things to know about me below).

  • Making sure that Scarce police resources are deployed fairly to the places where there is highest risk of harm so that the service is tough on crime where it needs to be toughest
  • Helping victims and communities regain and build more Ambitious lives through sensitive and just policing, and through good partnership working
  • Proud support for human rights and our historic British commitment to freedom and Fairness
  • Enacting real community Engagement not sham consultations or dusty committees that do not represent the diversity and dynamism of our Thames Valley communities
  • Fighting the Triple threat of severe cuts, extremely worrying privatisation plans and a ‘morale busting’ attack on police officer and staff pay, pensions and conditions
  • Encouraging policing practice that is effective, innovative, preventative and restorative – unYoked from policing that does not work


  1. hi jon. As you know i dont live anywhere near the TV area. I do like your approach in your manifesto though.I know we have discussed the risks of a PCC being elected on a 'single' issue manifesto. Good to see you wanting to involve the community in what they see as the the big risks and dangers in their community. Building your manifesto as you go based on 'their' views rather than the I know whats best for them approach.Using your experience of the justice system and work to influence as you say the spending of very scarce resources on what matters to the community.Good luck!

  2. Thank you Bryan. Much appreciated.