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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tackling harm and hate: domestic violence and more

The figures on domestic violence are truly shocking: at least 1 in 4 women in the UK will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Domestic violence accounts for 18% of all violent incidents. 73% of incidents of domestic violence were experienced by repeat victims. An indicative figure for the minimum and overlapping cost of violence against women and girls is £36.7 billion annually. (Source 100 actions to tackle violence against women)

As PCC I will do all in my power to ensure that policing resources are deployed proportionate to this level of harm.

But this matter is not only about women and domestic violence. It is about all hate crime and how prejudice can distort what is seen as important and worthy of attention. Young people, for example, are often dismissed as perpetrators of anti-social behaviour and crime but more often they are the victims of crime and violence. 

As PCC, I will see it as my job to challenge, question and do what I can through priority setting to ensure that harm and risk of harm are tackled fairly and proportionately through out Thames Valley.

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