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Friday, May 4, 2012

3 May 2012: Day Out in the Rain

On election day, I helped Milton Keynes Labour Party get out the vote. It poured with rain most of the time which is usually means low turnout and fewer good results Labour. But that did not happen! MK Labour managed to win all their target seats and are now the second biggest party in the council - a really very positive result.

Indeed across the country Labour has done exceptionally well. More and more of the voters are recognising that they can trust us to run government well - fairly and economically - in the interests of the many not the few.

This bodes well for the election in November when I am hopeful that people around the country and here in Thames Valley will be electing Labour Police & Crime Commissioners.

Meanwhile a couple of pics - first the team in MK North who welcomed me - together we helped get Paul Williams elected as the councillor for Campbell Park. Well done Paul! (He is the one with the glasses.)

And here is my rosette that fell off my coat when the cardboard got too soggy!

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