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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Police face a triple threat

On 9 May, I issued this press release to the news media of Thames Valley:

“Tackling crime and keeping people safe is what we all want our police to be doing here in Thames Valley” said Jon Harvey (shortlisted Labour candidate for the Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner) today.

“But instead, our police officers and staff are facing a triple threat that is distracting them from this task. Not only are they having to deal with savage 20% cuts in funding but they are now faced with being privatised and outsourced to the lowest bidder. And on top of this, the Government looks set to impose huge ‘morale busting’ changes to their pay and conditions” he went on to say.

“As the Labour Party we are standing up for safe communities and with the police service. We are saying that the Government should be cutting crime not the police” said Jon Harvey, who is also a Buckingham Town Councillor.

On Thursday 10 May, thousands of police officers, staff, their families and supporters are marching through London to protest and seek, even at this late stage, a change of heart from the Home Secretary and the Government. Jon Harvey will be marching with them to show his support.

“I am worried that one day I will see profit driven security guards patrolling my town rather than someone I know I can trust because they are a public servant. I am already seeing the damage the Government is having on our local police services – just as with the broader economy – they are cutting too deep and too fast. The blue line is getting thinner and thinner. And the proposed changes to pay and conditions of officers and staff (who regularly risk their health to keep us safe) will mean that morale will drop through the floor.”

“I fear that communities will be permanently damaged by these three threats and the only people who will benefit will be those on the wrong side of the law! I worry that British policing will no longer be the best in the world if these threats are followed through”

“As one of two people hoping to be selected at the Labour Candidate for the election in November for the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley – I know how important policing is. Indeed we all know how good policing helps communities work together – and how much safer everyone feels. If I am selected, I will be campaigning tirelessly for Great British Policing that is public, properly financed and proud of how police officers and staff are treated.”

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