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Friday, May 11, 2012

Victim Support Petition: please sign

Javed Khan - CEO of Victim Support is very worried about current government proposals to dismantle the national structure in favour of devolving power to Police & Crime Commissioners to organise. This is very worrying as we could end up with a postcode lottery of support for people in great distress.

This is the text of Javed's e-petition - I urge you to sign it here

Don’t abandon victims of crime – a national backbone of support is essential to help those in need

We the people petition the Government to reconsider proposals in its consultation document 'Getting it right for victims and witnesses', to purchase help for victims and witnesses through the new police and crime commissioners.

Dismantling the current system will lead to patchy and inconsistent help for those most in need of support.

Victims of crime deserve effective, quality support in their time of need, wherever they live. A national service delivered locally is the only way to secure this.

Don’t let victims suffer twice.

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