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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hustings: issues emerging

Several more hustings to go - but here are some of the questions emerging from discussions so far:

  • What should be done about the rise of gangs in certain parts of TV?
  • Should policing be politicised?
  • What would you do in the first 100 days?
  • What leadership & management experience do you bring?
  • What would you do about Stop & Search disproportionality?
  • How do we need to structure the campaign?
  • How will you tackle corruption if you find any?
  • Do we need a new political structure to work with a Labour PCC?
  • What do you think about Police Community Support Officers?
  • How will you handle the centralising nature of this new position?
  • What is your policy on drugs and alcohol?
  • What will you do about making sure that vulnerable communities are sufficiently protected?
  • What links should be make to other key campaigns such as NHS privatisation?
  • How will you make change stick?
  • When and how shall we start the campaign?

The meetings have been interesting! I look forward to the others coming up including Oxford this Friday.

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