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Monday, December 30, 2013

The importance of face to face contact

I understand that Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council are on the cusp of deciding to withdraw front desk staff from the libraries in Buckingham & Winslow. These are the officers who are able to answer council taxpayer queries about county and district services face to face. If this happens, and you live in the north of the County, you will have to trek all the way down to Aylesbury to visit either county or district offices.

Several of us in the Town Council want a different solution. We are proposing that the County, District and Town Council officers & members urgently sit down around a table and find an economic solution that will mean that local people can still access face-to-face help.

Do you think such a meeting should happen? If yes, please sign these two petitions (one on the County Council site and one on the AVDC site):
Let's talk!

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