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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bloody fraud

I gave blood last week, as I do two or three times a year. I do it for the crisps and squash mostly.

Now imagine my instant cold sweat, terror and rush of adrenaline as I received this email this morning:
Dear [email address removed]
We have been sent a sample of your blood analysis for further research.
During the complete blood count (CBC) we have revealed that white blood cells is very low, and unfortunately we have a suspicion of a cancer.
Wite Blood cells 1200 Low
Hemoglobin 12 Normal
Platelets 19000 Low
We suggest you to print out your CBC test results and interpretations in attachment below and visit your family doctor as soon as possible
Dr. Avery Ernie
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
It took me a few seconds to cross check this email and discover it was a fraud. And then I noticed the terrible spelling. My heart rate began to drop. But I am left really angry...

There is of course a zip file attached to the email which I have not opened! And I have just destroyed the whole email. 

So watch out for this email and DO NOT open the attachment. As the Action Fraud website says: this is a malicious email. It is also nasty and cruel: I sincerely hope its perpetrators are brought to justice. For me, this only serves to reinforce the need to boost resources being put into tackling online crime, as I have highlighted before (here and here). 

Meanwhile despite my concerns about the commercial aspects of the National Blood Service, do give blood if you don't already do this! You know it makes sense!


  1. Anonymous26/3/14 12:05

    Thank you, I have just had the same e-mail and searched the internet for Dr Avery Ernie and got your message. I also gave blood a few weeks ago and was a bit concerned at first.

  2. Thank you I have just received the same e mail and thought blimey but then decided to google the doctor and found your message. feel a lot better now, but what sought of A***hole would do this.