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Friday, December 6, 2013


This day cannot pass without me paying tribute to Nelson Mandela: a truly great man. As I tweeted late last night when I had just heard the news

I could write and write and write about what this man has meant to me over the last 40+ years, but I won't. We all have our various memories of the anti-apartheid demos, boycotts, arguments & debates, leaflets and AGM protests etc. And what I felt and still feel about that moment when he walked out of gaol on 11 February 1990 cannot be put into adequate words.

My memory of Mandela is that he was a man who wore bright clothes, especially in his later years. On the day of his funeral, I plan to wear something as bright and as busy as these shirts, for example:

Will you join me?

Will you #wearsomethingbrightforMandela on the day of funeral?

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