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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Headlines from the future?

Back in 2000, I gave a presentation to the Accelerated Promotion Course for inspectors. As part of the presentation, I suggested some headlines from the future... here they are:
  • National Police Procurement Authority praised by HMIC for economy, efficiency & effectiveness
  • All Wales Police Force established
  • Bramshill establishes accredited civilian surveillance training
  • Home Secretary opens tenth joint control room and local government call centre
  • Royal Bureau of Investigation praised by President Clinton on her state visit
  • Research demonstrates Best Value shift systems
  • More & more local authority chief execs get involved in appointing divisional commanders
  • Police authority battles with ACPO over appointment of civilian police chief executive
  • First black Chief Constable appointed
  • Merger of several forces looms as English Regional Government becomes a reality 
  • Youth Offending Teams and Drug Action Teams to pool resources
  • Audit commission slates many community safety strategies as little more than ‘glossy’ booklets
  • Reductions in vehicle thefts matched by rise in moving vehicle ‘piracy’
  • Home insurance to pay for burglary investigations
  • Integrated Transport Police Authority (rail / motorway / airport) to be created
  • ‘Bus lane dodgers’ help firm generate huge profits
  • Audit Commission praises shift towards proactive patrolling
  • Crime reporting via the internet is ‘the way ahead’ says joint HMIC & Audit Commission report
  • Fingerprint recognition and other key forensic services - outsourcing trend rises due to BV
  • Digital face recognition and Artificial Intelligence revolutionises application of CCTV
  • New technology reduces 999 mobile phone overload at motorway incidents
  • Restorative justice approaches now fully integrated into police probationer training
  • Targets set for recruitment, retention and promotion of women officers
  • Satellite tracking introduced into police vehicles
  • Drug Czar introduces international ‘Kite Mark’ for safe ecstasy (‘High as a Kite’ - Sun Headline)
  • National Parks Authorities given wider powers to police traffic and ‘day-tripper passports’
  • Traditional police helmets now ‘just for ceremonies’ says new Commissioner
  • Human Rights lawyers and ACPO put forward PACE II proposals
  • Senior officer recruitment crisis leads to pilot direct entry scheme

Over the years since then, I have updated and refined this list (adding in ANPR, deleting 'First Black CC' for example) but I still get to wonder what the headlines might be in a few years time... 

Here are some more (slightly more tongue in cheek, perhaps...) predictions, based upon the trends we are observing now:
  • Serious Crime Agency to be rebranded again (with more powers and fewer resources)
  • PCC appears in public with a 'this is not a' police uniform
  • Courts to be put in competition with each other (to achieve swifter cheaper justice)
  • National living wage introduced for Legal Aid lawyers
  • National police uniform introduced
  • Metropolitan police commissioner made to 'retire early' (again)
  • Just like teachers, police officers no longer need to be qualified
  • Entire police constabulary goes into special measures: G4SERCAPITA brought in to run services
  • Police officers (like soldiers) now required to buy their own kit
  • Judicial services reorganised into purchaser/provider split
  • Myanmar/Burma copies UK and introduces its own Bill of Rights
  • UK Bill of Rights is challenged in the European Court of Human Rights

What headlines would you propose?

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