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Thursday, October 3, 2013

National Poetry Day: a contribution


Just when I’m tucking my eyelids in,
Wrinkling my toes, and
Telling my knees I’ll see them in the morning,
I hear them.
Screams from the flat next door.

They start off like the child outside my window.
Falling off her swing
Then they build up and up
Until at last I can hear nothing else.
Not even the silence
Not even the clock thumping of my heart

And then suddenly
It’s quiet
And I fall asleep

One night before it was quiet
I left my bed
Opened my door
To wait and watch the door opposite

And, as I gazed
I saw a small glistening tear
Ooze out of the keyhole.
The screaming stopped.

I have asked the person who lives there
Whether she ever hears anything
She never does
But I have noticed, she never shouts
Or cries
Or screams
And, so she says,
She has never fallen off a swing

July 1980 (revised August 2000)


I felt moved to add a poem to National Poetry Day...

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