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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Small person racist

I watched my recording of the farewell episode of the IT Crowd last night. I have always been a fan of the series and at times the comedy has rivaled The Big Bang in its geeky humour. In Friday's episode Roy (Chris O'Dowd) gets labelled as a 'small person racist' after his run in with local barista of less than average height. (By the way: this is not a real term but merely a humourous twist within the plot line... in case you thought I am using the term seriously...)

This brought to mind a meeting that was held in Aylesbury Vale District Council offices last week to enable greater dialogue between their cabinet and local parish/town councillors. I went to the last one and the debate was good. This time my colleague Christine Strain-Clark attended on behalf of the town council. She noted this in her report of the event:
Later I asked Cllr Pearce about her responsibility for Equalities. When she gave her presentation, she had to apologise that we could not see her over the top of the lectern, as she is too small. I asked how we could take seriously AVDC’s attitude to equality if they could not even provide a lectern of a suitable height for the equalities portfolio holder. She thanked me, said she had frequently complained, and hoped that now something would be done about it.
Cllr Pam Pearce is a good councillor and, whilst we have our political differences, I enjoy working with her on the Local Strategic Partnership and we have also discussed the progress of the Police & Crime Panel (she is member of that too). She is an excellent listener and puts her own point of view across clearly. She deserves to be heard without impediment! 

Apparently following this discussion, another (male) councillor suggested that she ought to wear higher heels...! Equality obviously has some way to go in AVDC!

So with this blog, may I implore AVDC to sort this matter out: have a lectern arrangement that suits all people!


  1. Hi Jon, lets go one better, if you can suggest who I speak to I can offer the services of a Sussex based company that specialises in providing and installing equipment in such settings, and also that helps me to keep my family fed!

    1. Thanks. I would suggest that Les White would be a good chap to make contact with initially: he is the epitome of solid & wise local government officer.

    2. I will get in touch - thanks for the link

      Best wishes

  2. Many thanks Jon, I will do