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Thursday, October 17, 2013

PCP Clan gathering

Yesterday, CoPaCC hosted an event focusing on the relationship between Police & Crime Panels and PCCs. It was sponsored by Grant Thornton and the participants were treated to excellent contributions from some notable speakers including Dame Jenny Jones and Mark Reckless. The details are all here of course.

It was a great day!

I will leave the detailed report to CoPaCC Chief Exec Bernard Rix to prepare (my role was to design and facilitate the day). But here are a few reflections on the day as a warm up to that report (coming soon)...

With 60+ people attending, most of whom were PCP members, it was a vibrant clan gathering. If a facilitator's job is sometimes to get people talking... this was not a problem yesterday! War stories were shared, cunning wheezes exchanged and generally lots of good practice was teased out, pulled apart and put back together again.

I almost had to push some people in the direction of the lunch before all the sandwiches went curly!

A huge sense of relief permeated the day - relief that as PCP members they were not alone. There was much talk of how to continue meeting and exchanging ideas. (Watch this space...). Perhaps the event should have been subtitled PCP Members Anonymous!

Anyway, I will stop there. Bernard will reveal more about the content of the day and the ideas that emerged in coming weeks (in between researching the CoPaCC Transparency Audit...)

And I have also written enough blogs for today!

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