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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

X444: the Bucks / Northants economic express

Not the usual blog for this website I know, but I wanted a place to promote this idea which is gradually gaining support. So far Buckingham Town Council, the Aylesbury Vale Association of Local Councils and (just yesterday) the Aylesbury Vale Transport Users Group are backing this idea... so how can we make this a reality? Ideas & support please...

I am seeking support for conducting a feasibility study into establishing a new express coach service between High Wycombe and Northampton. All support is welcome especially from the educational and business development institutions connected to the route - as well as the various local authorities (at all levels) and of course the public who might wish to use such a coach service.

The overall aim is to boost the economic & educational development along this corridor. There are a number of factors that make the strategic case for the creation of this new service:

  • In these current economic times, all steps must be taken to boost local skills development and business growth (the two often go hand in hand)
  • We need to facilitate less car travel and more travel by public transport to aid congestion and reduce the use of scarce and expensive fuel
  • With the future likelihood that more students will wish to commute to study from home, it is vital to connect residents with the growing universities & further educational establishments along the route (including the new University Training College being created at Silverstone on the Bucks/Northants boundary)
  • A new transport hub will be opening at Winslow & Buckingham Parkway which will create a demand for commuter routes to and from this new station (and beyond to London, MK and Oxford etc.)
  • Existing public transport routes tend to a) cut East/West across the High Wycombe to Northampton corridor or b) focus on transport into London and c) tend to stop at county boundaries
  • There are significant housing developments that have and will happen along the route that would benefit from easy links to retail and job locations along the route

Any advice as to what the best next steps should be to arrange for a feasibility study to be conducted by appropriate body/bodies is more than welcome. Any expressions of support also welcome.

And if you have any new ideas - those would also be welcome. At the meeting yesterday, one person suggested making the service link in with coach services to Heathrow from High Wycombe for example.

So what do you think?

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