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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Housing allocation in Buckinghamshire

The local housing allocation policies are under review - here are details I have just received:
Bucks Home Choice Review – Consultation
The Bucks Home Choice Partnership are reviewing the way social housing is allocated in Buckinghamshire, including who will qualify to join the housing register. Our current policy has been in place since May 2009 and we’ve had to consider these changes in response to freedoms granted to local authorities by the Localism Act (2011).
We’ve thought very carefully about the changes we’d like to make in response to Localism and recent and planned welfare benefit changes and the very high level of demand for social housing in Buckinghamshire. We’re also considering a proposal to ring fence some allocations to applicants with a strong connection to that area.
We are shortly to embark on a public consultation exercise about our proposals for six weeks in the spring and will shortly be publicising further details of the consultation process.
For more information, please contact Peter Brown (Senior Housing Options Officer) on 01296 585650 (Email
If you want to have a voice in this critical consultation, I would suggest that you email Mr Brown.

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