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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Budget PCC

The Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner website has this page:
This page will hold information on the allowances and expenses paid to each relevant office holder (the Police and Crime Commissioner and his Deputy). This will be updated on a quarterly basis 
So a few days ago I wrote and asked: Please can you say when you will be updating this part of your website. It is now over three months since the PCC was installed.

I received an intriguing reply:
In answer to your question please note that no expenses and allowances have been claimed by the Police and Crime Commissioner or his Deputy in the first quarter.
Does this mean that the PCC has simply not yet got around to submitting an expenses claim for travel around Thames Valley & train journeys to London etc yet? Or is it that he & deputy do not intend to claim any expenses? Or perhaps he has simply not left his office in the last three months and so no expenses have been incurred? Or what?

I will watch this space. You may like to as well.

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