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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Association of PCCs

Yesterday it was announced "Police Commissioners agree to form national representative body" along with details of the new Board that will be steering the APCC from here onwards. Here they are:

New APCC board of Directors
  • Tony Lloyd PCC (Labour - Greater Manchester) and Chairman of the APCC and Directors:
  • Sir Graham Bright PCC (Conservative - Cambridgeshire)
  • Anthony Stansfeld PCC (Conservative - Thames Valley)
  • Vera Baird PCC (Labour - Northumbria)
  • Ron Ball PCC (Independent - Warwickshire)
  • Simon Hayes PCC (Independent - Hampshire)
  • Cllr Simon Duckworth (Chair of Police Committee - City of London)
I wish them well - along with the secretariat (Mark Castle OBE: Chief Executive, Joel Charles: Communications Officer and Tania Eagle: Programme Manager) on their journey to support PCCs having due influence over the future of policing and action to tackle crime in England & Wales.

As regular readers know, I was part of a small group of people who made a parallel offer to PCCs to support them on this journey. (See details of CoPaCC here.) As the offspring of the Association of Police Authority, the APCC always had the cards stacked in their favour of course. Us 'CoPaCCers' knew this. Nonetheless, it is my hope that, perhaps, we influenced the debate around the formation and establishment of the APCC.

It is also my hope that being on the 'other side' as it were, will not mean that either the APCC or PCCs in general see us people they would not want to do business with. I became involved in CoPaCC because I want to help PCCs to do all that they can do to improve police and crime services around the country. We remain on that same page.

Also CoPaCC has not gone away. Please keep an eye on the website and watch out for services as they develop. We remain a confederation of associates who will continue to offer help and support to Police and Crime governance in England and Wales.

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