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Friday, June 20, 2014

UKIP policy on English football

Evidently, we only have the EU to blame for the fact that the England Football Team are probably out buying their Brazilian souvenirs this morning. The fact that a 113.82% of UK law is now made up on a whim by euroautocrats sitting in two offices in the middle of the Luxembourg and Belgium is all part of the demise of English football since 1966. The reason we won the World Cup was precisely because we were not then in the Common Market.

With European work time directives preventing our underpaid footballers from going into overtime and banana kicks being outlawed because they are too bendy, our team frankly didn't have a chance. OK, we know that Italy is in the EU too. But as we all know the rest of Europe just ignores all the EU regulations.

So what is to be done? 

Clearly we must get out of the EU. We must stop all these immigrant footballers coming over here and stealing/playing what is basically our game, putting hard working British footballers on the benches. If we were in government, we would prevent any non UK footballer playing in the football league and premiership, unless they had applied for a work visa. This work visa would specifically exclude them from playing for their national teams.

We would also bring back football pitches measured in furlongs, footballs measured in pounds & ounces and referees with acme whistles manufactured in Bolton. The money we get back from the EU would be given to schools to buy back all the football pitches they have sold off during the bad years of Tory and Labour rule.

And of course, we would make it the law that all England football team managers would have to be English!

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