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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Domestic Homicide Risk: FoI update

Regular readers will know that I have been doing some investigations into the UK police services approach to domestic homicide. You can read the original blog here. I have now had most of the replies back. But there are four forces who do not appear to have responded. I have just emailed them:
Dear Derbyshire, Dorset, Lancashire & West Yorkshire police Freedom of Information departments.
I wrote to you some weeks ago about my inquiry into Domestic Homicide risk. I do not appear to have had a reply from you and we are now well past the FoI deadline date. If I have overlooked, lost or possibly not received your reply, please have my sincere apologies (I know it happens sometimes, no matter how diligent I aim to be). If this is the case, I would be most grateful if you could send your response to me again. Thank you so much.
If you have not yet got around to responding, may I respectfully request that you to get back to me very soon, or at least let me know what the current status is. Thank you.
My dear friend and colleague, Kate Dixon, was murdered by her ex-partner nearly a year ago. I am very keen to publish the results of my research before the anniversary of her death (30/6/13) in her memory… and in the earnest hope that my small piece of investigation might help to nudge the UK police services into further action that will reduce the number of domestic homicides in the UK.  
All the other forces listed have responded, although a couple have informed me they need just a little longer to complete the work at their end. And, for your information, the large majority have answered all three questions. Some have declined Q3 citing FoI exemption. (Also for your clarity Q3 refers to any record you have of where the perpetrator/victim situation was known to the MARAC system or been subject to a DASH assessment)
I look forward to your response. Thank you again.
I aim to be publishing all that I have in the next couple of weeks. Please watch this space.

UPDATE 1313 | 120614: Derbyshire have emailed me with the information. They said "From checking our records we responded to you on the 16 May 2014.  At the time there was no indication that the email address used was incorrect". So it would appear to have disappeared into the ether somewhere. I have written to thank them for the data. Lancashire have emailed to say "Please accept my apologies for not responding to your request as of yet. Your request is still being dealt with and we will aim to have a response with you as soon as possible. I have today sent a reminder email to the information owners and asked them to prioritise your request". I have written to say thanks.

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