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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gold thefts

Theft of gold from Asian families is a growing problem it would appear. I do not have access to sufficient data to say just how big a problem this kind of crime is becoming, but all you have to search on the subject and a whole raft of news stories come up. This recent piece on the BBC news site says
"Asian families in parts of Berkshire and Hampshire are being warned to secure their gold against theft. Police say there has been an increase burglaries in which Asian gold was targeted due to its high value..."
In my police area, I am led understand there have been spates of these crimes in Aylesbury, Slough & Reading. These crimes are not limited to the South of course. This website in Leicester has this helpful advice:
Local residents are advised to take simple steps to safeguard your gold jewellery:
  • Photograph all items of jewellery individually and keep the photos safe
  • Register your jewellery for free at
  • Buy a small safe for use at home and fix it to a secure surface
  • Where possible use a bank or safety deposit box
  • Lock all windows and doors when asleep, and when out of the house
  • Ensure your insurance reflects the up-to-date value of your gold jewellery
  • If you have a burglar alarm, please remember to use it
  • If you see anything suspicious, please ring 101 or in an emergency ring 999. 
This makes it all the more curious that the draft plan for the Thames Valley Police does not even mention gold:

Here is another example of where the draft plan prepared by the PCC is simply out of touch with the key issues in Thames Valley. Let us hope that the final plan is a good deal better...

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