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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Police & Crime Commissioner

Thanks to TonyOX3 for this link which I had not spotted. Below are some extracts from the letter written by the Chair of the Thames Valley Police & Crime Panel to the PCC. You can read the full letter here. The letter relates to the draft Police and Crime plan which I have commented upon previously (here and elsewhere).
However, the Panel would like to see longer consultation periods employed at appropriate stages in the Plan’s development. Engagement should be as wide-ranging as possible, allowing the full spectrum of agencies and the community to contribute to the development of the Plan.
The Commissioner has a large and complicated set of partnerships and agencies to work with. The Plan provides a good opportunity for the Commissioner to give an early indication of the governance structure that he hopes to develop in order to draw these together to fulfil his objectives. Developing and finalising the structure obviously requires much consultation and discussion with partners, but a rough indication within the Plan could at least start the conversation.
There is a need for more clarity within the Plan on how the Commissioner intends to work with victims of crime to learn from their experiences and to provide support.
The targets section of the Plan (Annex A) contains relatively few, rather un-ambitious targets.
Remember, the PCP is largely made up the PCC's political allies...

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