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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The power of word counts

When I have an idle moment, I sometimes do word counts or even create wordles to find out subtle messages embedded in documents.

This afternoon, I happened across the information pack that was given to delegates (PCCs and their teams mostly) who attended the meeting on 23/1/13 that I have blogged about before. You will recall that this was a key strategic meeting convened by the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners and attended by senior Government figures and so forth. You can read more about the agenda and who attended at this link here. It makes for illuminating reading, I expect you will agree.

I thought it might be illuminating to see how often certain words were mentioned in the information pack. Here is a selection of some words that I selected:
  • Public 38
  • Funding 28
  • Community 24
  • KPMG 20
  • Partnership 16
  • Safety 11
  • Private 10
  • Victim/victims 8
  • Capita 7
  • Citizens 6
  • Consultation 5
  • Anti-social behaviour 5
  • Engagement 1
  • Innovation 0
  • Harm 0
  • Cooperation 0
  • Communication 0
What do you read into this (brief) analysis?

I have also done a wordle too which you can see in the public gallery here in large scale. But here also is a pic of the wordle too:

The APCC did a wordle of the of PCCs most-cited concerns (from their manifestos) which is published here.

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