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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday, Michael Crick (highly respected political reporter for Channel 4 News) posted this extraordinary tweet:

It would appear that Anthony Stansfeld was hiding from him. Mr Crick's later report confirmed that he had tried 15 times to get in touch but got nowhere. You can see the whole report here.

So is Cllr Stansfeld "afraid of an election, is he? Afraid? Frightened? Frit?"

He should be. There are enough questions about his past and present that still remain unanswered. And he faces a formidable campaigner in the shape of Tim Starkey, the Labour Party Candidate.

There is not much time left to ensure that Tim becomes PCC. I fear for local policing if Anthony Stansfeld is elected. His campaign promises do not add up, he eulogises about his recent achievements and basks in the glory of long past efforts in Borneo and manufacturing planes. But in total, the facts do not add up. If his campaign was a job application, I don't believe any employer would appoint him.

On the other hand Tim's campaign has focused on clearly stated priorities, he is endorsed by the former Chief Constable of Thames Valley and he has sharp end experience of criminal matters and policing through his role as a barrister.

Contrast Tim's sharp end experience with that of Anthony Stansfeld who decided that requesting a chauffeur driven car for the incoming PCC (which I am guessing he assumed to be himself) was a priority matter to address before almost anything else. What does that tell you about the man?

So please give your first preference vote to


and you might at least get to meet your new PCC...

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