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Monday, November 5, 2012

Web democracy in action (an extraordinary allegation part two)

At the Aylesbury hustings a week ago, Anthony Stansfeld suggested that I and/or Cllr Michael Beall had been going through his bank accounts. The full story is below in two different posts: here and later here. I wrote to Anthony Stansfeld and he later retracted his remarks and apologised. I published his email saying this below.

Meanwhile, the County Council website was still showing the interchange without caveat. I asked for this matter to be addressed urgently last week. Their first and reasonable response was to take the video offline pending a technical fix.

The video has now been reinstated with a 'statement of clarification' embedded in the time line on the right hand side of the screen. This is satisfactory to me - although I would have preferred some subtitles to appear on the video itself but I recognise that technologically that would have far more difficult.

So, you can now see the video again with the embedded retraction and apology here. Just scroll down the timeline to 1 hour 42 minutes and there is a link you can click on. It takes you here.

Meanwhile, I hope that all the people who applauded Cllr Stansfeld for his remarks may wish to reflect exactly what it was they were applauding...

All in all a good day for transparency, accountability and democracy, I feel.

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