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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

John Howson: second preference?

John Howson (Lib Dem candidate of Thames Valley PCC) has posted my description of him on his blog. You can see it here. I don't mind, and I won't be charging a copyright royalty fee...

However, as I have been open and transparent on where I will be placing my second preference vote (see below) and now that Professor Howson has indeed used my words, I thought he might have had the grace to be equally open about how he will be casting his second preference vote...

So then I see further down the page, a reference to the questions placed in the box at the Oxford Hustings and John Howson's answers. I clicked on the link hopefully...

I saw my question reprinted:
You will all of course be giving your own first preference vote to yourselves. But you and everyone else have a second preference vote too. Will you be using your second preference to vote? If so, who for and why? If not, why will you not be casting a second vote?
And then I read his answer:
I will be using my second preference and invite every voter to use both preferences. However, the second preferences of the candidates who come first and second will be ignored.
Hmm. Either Professor Howson did not read all of my question, or he has copped out. So come on, John Howson, what is sauce for the goose is surely sauce for gander... If you quote me and my second preference, you could at least return the transparent favour...?

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