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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is sauce for the Aylesbury duck....?

In recent weeks I have been in an email debate with a fellow councillor as to whether an article on 20mph zones should appear in the next edition of Buckingham Town Matters. (I chair the sub committee which has editorial control of our quarterly newsletter.) The other councillor considered that the issue was not Town Council policy and therefore should not appear in the magazine. My view was that this is subject of great importance (recently raised at the Aylesbury Vale Transport Users Group meeting in the town) and one about which we can and indeed should provoke a debate among the people of Buckingham. The sub committee met yesterday and resolved democratically to keep the article in... so watch this space for it.

Meanwhile, imagine my interest last night as I drove through Aylesbury, the county town of Buckinghamshire, to note that they have a 20mph zone in their town centre. Look, here is the map that was part of the County Council's own consultation a few years back:

I assume this is what became the official zone (although happy to be corrected).

So: should the sauce for the Aylesbury duck be also sauce for the Buckingham swan..?

Please let me know what you think. I am interested in your views... especially if you live in or visit Buckingham on a regular basis. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous17/4/14 10:00

    Is there statistical evidence to support a 20 mph limit?. People will break it anyway, so maybe the council is after raising more revenue against motorists?.

    1. Hi Anon: yes there is. Lots of evidence & supporting arguments for such zones here:

      And if any motorists are fined for breaking any speed limit: the Treasury gets the cash not the local authority, I believe!

  2. Anonymous17/4/14 19:57

    Is there any point if TVP don't enforce it? It certainly doesn't work in Oxford

    1. I am unclear on TVP's policy. Also what evidence are you citing that "it doesn't work in Oxford"?

  3. Anonymous19/4/14 08:16

    but I have yet to meet anyone who has been fined for exceeding the 20mph