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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Digital policing: what next?

The Guardian are hosting one of their regular Friday lunchtime webchats on this subject tomorrow. There are some excellent panelists lined up to seed the debate and I am honoured to be taking part. The prompt questions include:
  • Are the digital skills of police forces up to scratch and, if not, why not and what are the implications?
  • What technologies are available that will enhance policing?
  • What examples are there of excellent digital policing?
  • What skills and resources do police need improve their use of digital?
  • How can we share good digital practice across police forces?
...and I thought digital policing was all about catching light fingered thieves.... (I'll get my coat)

Last May (where did those months go!) I facilitated an event on digital local services as part of my work with ITW. It was an informative and inspirational day which sought to examine the hurdles ahead for local councils and other services wishing to 'go digital'. It was also a joy for me that day to work with my daughter, Jess Harvey, who produced this visual summary of many of the key points that were raised:

There is a full 7Mb version of this pic here if you wish to download it.

I look forward to the debate tomorrow lunchtime. 

270114 | 1232 UPDATE: The Guardian have published their round up of some of the key comments made during the online discussion. You can access it here.


  1. davidbfpo25/1/14 12:12


    Yesterday's on-line discussion was of value, if only to show how divided the community of interest(s) on policing are. All too many questions were left "hanging in the air", including yours to Vodaphone.


    1. Yes - I noticed they did not reply to my pointed Q - three times!

    2. Just for you!