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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Come on Vodafone (and Three, EE and Virgin etc)

Yesterday I took part in a Guardian Public Leaders discussion on digital policing. The discussion was wide ranging and the panel included two people (yes that is TWO people) from Vodafone. You can see the panel list and discussion here.

As we were talking about online crime as part of the discussion, I posted this question three times (in slightly different versions):
Please can you justify how you (Vodafone and other phone providers) charge people who have had their mobile phones stolen and then used to engage in fraudulent activity. You have had the technology for years to add a bar/threshold on mobile phone use - why have you not applied that to contract phone users?
Did I get an answer...? What do you think!

For me it is about time that those who (almost certainly accidentally, I would imagine and hope) collude with internet based crime are held to account. And I include credit card companies, banks, ISPs, mobile phone companies (and the like) who, at times, have profited from the fraud and abuse going on in the virtual world.

So what about it everyone? Time to pull the plug on fraudsters and abusers, whose crimes you are helping to facilitate? I know that you have done lots to make such crimes more difficult - but there is still more to do!

I don't doubt it is complicated to do all this and I expect the criminals are moving fast too. But you could just respond to my question above...?

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