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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What the Romans ever done for us?

I am just about to zoom off to Aylesbury Vale's annual business consultation meeting at a hotel on the edge of Buckingham. I am optimistic that this won't be like last year when we were talked at for over 80 minutes. Having met with the Deputy Chief Executive the other day, it sounds like it will be much more two way. (I will let you know...)

Meanwhile I have pondering on what AVDC (and perhaps other local councils) can do to help local businesses thrive. This is in all our interests! Here is the list that I have got to so far:
  • Buy from us! In other words where the council is purchasing materials or services, go local first!
  • Set up your procurement so that it is SME friendly (there is plenty of guidance on that available from the Cabinet Office which, as it happens, I have had a small hand in creating)
  • Make business rates transparent: let everyone know what money is collected and how much of it ends up in local council hands
  • Use some of the Neighbourhood Homes Bonus and Community Infrastructure Levy to support local economic development
  • Make the council 'business friendly' which includes paying great attention to infrastructure development, supporting safe practices at work and promoting the eating establishments that are top notch when it comes to hygiene (see what is happening in Wales) among many other measures
  • Make it easy for businesses to hire apprentices and offer work training through connecting people together
  • Don't try to compete with local businesses: let your income generation innovation have only a benign impact on the local economy!
  • Use local business innovative and entrepreneurial spirit & insights to support the transformation of the council to a leaner, fitter and more effective local public service: we can help!
What else is on your list?

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