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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wasting Police Time

One of the challenges facing many of the new Police & Crime Commissioners will to be try and understand the culture of the police service.

(Before you jump up and down and say what about their other "and crime" responsibilities - yes I know - it will be important to understand the diversity of cultures within the entirety of the local communities, other parts of the criminal justice system and other agencies... but hang in here.)

There is one book (of many) I would recommend all aspiring PCCs to read. It doesn't make for comfortable reading and many people will be shocked at some of the views expressed. But it does capture a slice of police culture that I think is worth knowing about.

The book is called "Wasting More Police Time" and it has been edited by PC David Copperfield (and Dan Collins). You can obtain a copy here. There is also the first book in the series here as well (but I have not read this).

And if anyone knows of any more books that would enlighten PCCs about the other dimensions of their work - we can start a reading list here!

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