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Monday, September 16, 2013

PCCs and Panels: Making the Relationship Critical, Friendly and Effective

  • Are you member of a Police & Crime Panel? 
  • Does their capacity to influence their PCCs and hold them to account interest you?
  • Do you want to compare and share best practice?
  • Are you free on October 16?
If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, you may well have an interest in attending the first CoPaCC conference (sponsored by Grant Thornton).

More details can be found here together with a full agenda for the day. We will be having lightning presentations from:
  • Lady Jenny Jones, AM
  • Mark Reckless, MP
  • Helen Kynaston (Leicestershire PCP)
  • Jon Collins (Police Foundation)
The bulk of the day will be spent addressing key questions such as:
  1. How can the legislative constraints upon the powers of the Panels be finessed to add more colour and depth to their scrutinising role? 
  2. How can Panels network, funnel and optimise the resources available to them so that they work as efficiently and effectively as possible? 
  3. What does a ‘year in the life’ of a Panel look like and what should be the focus of Panel work across the seasons?
  4. Given the inevitable tensions between a Panel and their PCC, what can be done to ensure such tensions are dynamic rather than destructive?
  5. How should the Panel, if at all, engage with the wider public in their work?
  6. What are the ‘cracking questions’ that all Panel members need to be adept at asking?
  7. What information does a Panel need on a regular basis in order for it to conduct its role well?
  8. How should a Panel engage with the Chief Constable and other senior officers of both the Police and connected agencies, if at all?
  9. What role does the Panel have in commenting upon the resource allocation formulas decided by the PCCs: both within the police service and with the distribution of other funds?
  10. How might the role of Panels need to develop in coming years: what legislative and other changes would be helpful to start planning for now?
  11. What role does a Panel have when scrutinising PCC decisions around the appointment and exit of Chief Constables
And many more no doubt...

So do please sign up to come along if this interests you. Places are filling fast and we only have a few left.

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