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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


No, that is not Thames Valley - but a PCC on television!

John Dwyer has uploaded another webcast interview. You can view it here. (Thanks to Steve Bachelder's for highlighting this.)

As a way of reaching out and interacting with the public of Cheshire it is a good start. At least the PCC is prepared to answer some of the questions being put to him by the voters of his county. (I will log that I disagree with John when he says that the public have never had a say in policing governance before since over half the members of the previous police authority were elected Councillors. But let's put that to one side)

But does it make good TV? Well... it is a little dry, some might even say flat. I know that police governance is not the most exciting of topics but I would say the format could do with some extra zing! Perhaps next time, the PCC could be answering questions live from an audience? Or people could send in their video messages/questions?

I note the You Tube site has comments disabled. Perhaps a way of making this process more interactive (and democratic) would be to allow comments? Naturally, if some a plainly rude they can be removed but why not have the dialogue?

Another idea I would suggest would be to broadcast the PCC holding the Chief Constable to account. Why not record those sessions or even broadcast them live? If I had become a PCC, this was one of my plans.

But good to see a PCC responding to questions from the public.

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