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Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Light touch' police and crime panels must shift scrutiny powers up a gear

Yesterday, The Guardian Public Leaders Network published my article about how Police & Crime Panels need to shift up a gear or three in their scrutiny of PCCs, especially their decisions about scarce resource allocation. You can read the whole article here.

In the article I say:
The question is, how well the police and crime panels (PCPs) will scrutinise these resource decisions over the coming months. Chief constables will be using all their considerable skills to ensure good and professional decisions are made about the operational deployment of tight police resources but they will be subject to the policy influence of their PCCs – and that influence needs to be carefully unpicked by the PCPs...

So how is your PCP doing..? 

And just as an aside: it is good to see my 'Ten Questions for PCC candidates' still coming in at number 14 of the Most viewed: Public Leaders Network articles:

STOP PRESS: Hold the 16 October. If this subject interests you... there could be a very useful conference coming up on this date. More details soon.

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