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Monday, January 21, 2013

No more salami

Police & Crime Commissioners and their Chief Constables will soon be reaching the crunch point with regards to setting the budget. To precept rise or not to precept rise, that is the question...? (Indeed I and my fellow Town Councillors will be facing this dilemma this evening when we come to set our budget.)

There has been precious little time for the PCCs to have got their heads around the financial issues involved (another reason why the election should have been delayed until this coming May...) and so what follows is probably too late for this year. However, for next, may I request that PCCs take stock of below, avoid any salami slicing of budgets and instead look at REAL effectiveness and efficiency... Progressive PCCs and CCs will already be thinking in this way of course...

What is happening with your police and crime budgets?

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