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Friday, September 7, 2012

Thames Valley Register of Members' Interests?

As regular readers know, for some time, I have been trying to track down just what business interests Cllr Anthony Stansfeld actually has and whether he has been totally open and transparent about all these. My post below  is about as far as I have got. All I can find out so far is that there is a company called Fidas AG based in Switzerland although its recorded purpose (on the Swiss equivalent of Companies House) does not seem even close to it being a "small company that has interests in water systems for agriculture and energy recovery systems for industry".

But as part of my investigations I wrote to the Thames Valley Police Authority asking them for a copy of the Register of Members' interests. Before I report their response, have a look at this:

Can you spot the difference? 

Perhaps this is why when I wrote to the Police Authority on the 28 August asking "do you keep a register of interests of the members of the PA? If so, please could I have a copy for the year ending March 2012", their reply was "your FOI request will be dealt with within the time period for FOI’s".

My question is, unlike all the other Police Authorities in the South East, why does TVPA not publish the interests of its members online? Furthermore (and I hope the answer to this is 'yes') does such a document even exist?

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