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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NHSpledge: The costs of the change

Just received an email asking me if I know of anyone who might wish to be an "Interim Chief Financial Officer" for a Clinical Commissioning Group. My contact says the role could run for up to five or six months. I won't bore you with the detailed person spec (commissioning, NHS knowledge, accountancy background etc) but the rate is interesting:

£650 - £1000 per day.

So let's do the maths. Say the fee rate is 'only' £800 per day. So that is 25 weeks, a 100 working days, which comes to £80,000 for half a year's work (plus expenses and VAT of course). So that is a minimum cost of £100k. (And there is probably a finders fee on top of this too...)

That is about 4 trained experienced nurses.

How much is this change to CCGs going to cost us?

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