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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Potholes - shoddy work!!

Here is a picture of a 'new' pothole near where I live. You will note that it is a recent (in the last couple of weeks) pothole repair that is now just crumbling. What kind of shoddy work is this?! I will be contacting my County Councillor, Warren Whyte. I know that he will be as fed up as I am.

Transport for Buckinghamshire need to work more efficiently and not waste taxpayers' money on work that has to be done again. (This pothole has already been reported to them by another concerned citizen.)


  1. Anonymous11/3/14 15:21

    That's such bad form - a lot of the 'repaired' potholes I've seen are coming apart again! It's just wasting everyone's time and money on the constant repairs. I've already had to have three wheel alignments over the last 6 months because of potholes, but I know others who've needed new tyres, suspension, the works and not a peep from the Council!

    1. Thanks for your comment LauraLou. You in Bucks or elsewhere? (Or is this what you post on all such blog posts to advertise ATS wheel alignment?)

  2. Anonymous17/3/14 09:00

    I'm actually under Solihull Council but the pictures you've posted ring so true to what it's like in Solihull & Birmingham! A road I have to drive down daily even has pothole on speed bumps... so having to keep getting my wheel alignment done is completely legit... sadly!