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Monday, September 15, 2014

Child Sexual Exploitation: what parents can do...

I will say more later on, but I wanted to get this information out as soon as possible. I have been pointed towards what seems to be an excellent publication produced by PACE (Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation) which seeks to offer advice to parents in these circumstances:

Working with the Police: The role of parents in investigating child sexual exploitation

I have not read it in detail but it seeks to offer some helpful ways forward whereby concerned parents (and 'concerned' is probably an understatement!) can assist in the bringing to justice the adults involved in exploiting their children.

For your information: Who are Pace?
Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) works alongside parents and carers of children who are sexually exploited, or are at risk of being sexually exploited, by perpetrators external to the family. At our heart is a network of affected parents, whose expertise is central to our mission. Individual parents’ experiences are referred to throughout the booklet in distinctive handwritten type. You can read more about Pace and how we can help on pages 48–49
I will write more about this subject in later blogs. But for the time being...

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