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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Being in touch?

A while back I inquired of my OPCC (using FoI):

How many items/threads of correspondence (letters and emails) from members of the public has the PCC received in his first year of office?

I received this reply:

Approximately 200 e-mails/letters have been received within the office per month since his appointment.

So that makes about 2400 items of correspondence from the public. There are about 2.1 million people living in Thames Valley, so I equate this to about 1 million households (give or take). So that means approximately 0.24% of the households have got in touch. (I am assuming here that the 200 items are all from separate people and does not include follow up letters or emails.)


It would be interesting to compare what % of the population get in touch with their councillor or MP. (Do you have those figures?)

This does seem very low. I would link this to the work that my colleague Bernard Rix is conducting at the moment into the levels and quality of public engagement that PCCs are practising. (Details here)

But what % of the population would you expect to want to be in touch with the PCC?

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