This blog is mainly about the governance and future of policing and crime services. (Police & Crime Commissioners feature quite a lot.) But there are also posts about the wider justice system. And because I am town councillor and political activist, local & national issues are covered a little, as well.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A new future

This is my reformatted blog to support the election of Labour PCCs around the country and, in general, discuss issues about the future of policing and criminal justice policy.

As most readers will know, I narrowly lost the selection process to be the Labour candidate for the Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner. Tim Starkey won the contest and will now be leading the campaign to get himself elected to be Thames Valley's first PCC. I wish him well. 

I have removed some of the posts below and rejigged the order of some others to reflect the new focus of this blog. There is an archive here of my thoughts about Labour PCC matters and specifically my bid to be a candidate that I thought was worth saving, albeit less relevant now.

I am also still very proud to be a Labour Town Councillor in Buckingham and occasionally I will post items that are relevant to my work with and for local people to make our town healthier, wealthier and safer.

And so in the meantime: back to the subject of why the elections in November will be crucial not only to the future of policing and allied criminal justice system (CJS) agencies, but also to the wider public services...

Onwards and upwards towards a just and democratic socialist future where policing and CJS services are done for the many not just the few!


  1. Jon, I'm delighted that you have decided to continue contributing to the local and national debate on policing and crime. Your ideas and expertise will be a boost to Labour candidates everywhere. Our 8 hustings (Amersham, Banbury, Oxford, Wokingham, Milton Keynes, Slough and Reading)have been vital in building interest and enthusiasm amongst members.

  2. I look forward to seeing you at Milton Keynes on 5 July to learn about how you are taking things forward and building your campaign.